Peptides Direct

Peptides Direct

Peptides Direct is an Australian company that is based in Queensland. Owned by our Principal Anti Ageing Doctor and senior Scientist, they are committed to educate and inform you about the Peptides available in Australia. The company is supported by a full customer support team that are readily available to answer any questions you may have.

Our Doctor is available for consultations by appointment and can be made by contacting the support team. Our consultation, advice and support is 100% obligation free. All of our Peptides are prescribed by experienced Anti Ageing Doctors. They are then compounded at one of our Australian pharmacies and then shipped Australia wide to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and all regional areas.

All Peptides arrive directly to you from the pharmacy and will consist of your name, product name, dose and potency. The product arrives cold packed and reconstituted, ready to use. All of our Peptides that are injectable form also come with the syringes and swabs needed to complete your course.

Our Research and Development team are always striving to develop new product funnels that assist with Peptide Supplementation. We believe the benefits produced by Peptides can significantly increase your ability to reach health and fitness goals.

We also understand that Peptides alone are not miracle cure. We work to combine supplementation to support your body through weight loss, strength and muscle gain, injury recovery and overall anti ageing. Neutraceuticals, diet, and exercise are key factors in ensuring best clinical and real life outcomes for the use of Peptides.

Our team is dedicated to bring all the above factors together and offer true solutions for you to reach your goals.