A Message From Our Doctors

Peptides Direct

Welcome to Peptides Direct and Ageing Solutions.

Peptides can be used for a wide range of health related issues and we specialise in prescribing peptides predominantly for Anti Ageing. Anti Ageing encompasses cell renewal, weight loss, injury and muscle recovery, skin texture and tone, mental alertness, vitality, lean muscle and strength gains. Not one peptide will produce all of the above benefits, and in some cases, we prescribe a combination of peptides to suit your anti ageing needs.

On our website, we have outlined the main areas of use for peptides for you to easily identify which peptide would be beneficial for your anti ageing needs.

As of 2012 most forms of peptides are now a scheduled 4 medication in Australia. What this means, is that each peptide must have a Doctor’s prescription and be dispensed from an approved Australian compounding pharmacy.

Our guarantee:

Our medical team thoroughly reviews your medical notes and order. If there are any contraindications, our Doctors will personally contact you to discuss.

Your medical notes are kept within a secure database where you can be assured of privacy and confidentiality.

We will only prescribe peptides that are listed on our website. These peptides have been thoroughly investigated by our team and we are confident that these peptides will assist you in reaching your anti ageing goals. Our Research & Development Team are always investigating new, or, improved peptides to add to our prescription list. However, we will not prescribe steroids, growth hormone, peptides outside of this list, or any other medication.

We are always open to discuss any concerns you may have during your course of peptides. Please contact our Customer Support Team, who will arrange for us to contact you as soon as possible.

We look forward to assisting you on your anti ageing journey.