COVID-19 Update

Yes! We are still open and going strong.

Times are tough right now, but we are tougher. Our entire team is dedicated ensuring ALL our new and existing patients get their orders… no matter what.

We have made a few changes to our delivery process so that your medication and supplements are delivered directly to your door.

So you can stay home and stay safe


Shipping Update

Despite the impact of COVID-19 in Australia, we are still able to deliver your orders. To ensure the health and safety of our patients and the delivery employees, we have had to make some important changes to the delivery process.

Shipping Costs
Over the past months, we have had to review our shipping costs and logistic suppliers due to the increase in shipping costs and delayed shipping timeframes from COVID-19. In the short term, we have had to increase our flat shipping rate from $20 to $25 for all shipments, and no longer offer a complimentary shipping option. We will continue to review the issue and investigate other options so we can reduce these costs and pass on the savings. We thank you for your understanding during these unprecedented times.

Delivery Without Signature
As of Tuesday the 24 March 2020 all orders will be delivered without a signature. This is to create a safe physical distance between our patients and the delivery employees. Your package will be left in a safe place at your shipping address, if this cannot be done, it will be taken to the local post office/collection centre for you. For updates on the location of your package please see your tracking number.

Delayed Delivery Times
Due to COVID-19 our transit companies are having delays of 3-4 days from dispatch.  In response to this we have now changed the shipping dates from the pharmacy to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only, to ensure all parcels reach their destination within a timely manner. Please expect slight delays and call 1300 100 460 if you have any questions or concerns.

Please do not be concerned if there are slight delays in delivery, and rest assured that your medication has been packed accordingly to cater for a possible extended travel time. Peptides Direct appreciates your understanding and consideration towards our delivery partners during this challenging time.


Important Medical Advice

Despite the uncertain times, we are still dedicated to maintaining our highest level of patient care. It is important that all our new and existing patients are aware of the medical protocols for their own health and safety.

Maintaining Consistent Cycles & Dosing

If you want to continue to see results, staying on your cycle at the advised dosing is a must. Despite this stressful time it is not recommended that you interrupt your cycle or dosing. It is vital for your to keep consistency to have the cumulative benefits of your medication.

For patients who are on cycles for pre or post therapy, inflammation, immunity, injuries and gut health, it is most important that you stay on cycle and follow the advice of our medical team.


Peptides & Interrupted Training Routines

With gyms and training centres being closed you might assume that you don’t need to continue with your medication, however, this is not advised as your medication program will help to maintain the improvements in your health to date.

As the majority of the medications and peptides our doctors prescribe are designed to increase your recovery time, reduce injuries, improve sleep, reduce stress hormones they are often most beneficial when there are more external stressors. Some of the peptides are working on your growth hormone bleeds, androgen receptors, ghrelin receptors and therefore we need to ensure these levels are maintained and in some instances increased, working at full capacity to ensure internal positive changes.

Your training has not been the only driver behind the changes to your body while on peptides but rather a combination of good health, diet, medication and peptide cycle, gym and positive mentality to achieve your goals. The medical team recommends that you stay on your cycle even if your training routine is restricted and try to modify your workouts so to maintain and see results. This way you can continue to see positive change from the medication.

We will be bringing out exercise, nutrition, supplement and other health, wellness and mentality tips and videos so please keep watching and See if you can implement them into your daily routine.

Let’s make this social isolation and home time one that is positive and affirming so that we are prepared to get back into our lives head on as quickly as possible.