Frequently Asked Questions

Peptides Direct


Are peptides legal?

Peptides are a Schedule 4 medication which are completely legal and obtainable through a Doctor’s prescription and dispensed by a licensed compounding pharmacy.

However, what is illegal, is the importation and exportation of peptides to and from Australia.

Drug Testing

Can I use peptides in professional sport?

In most sporting codes that are frequently drug tested, peptides are a banned substance and cannot be used. Please check with your governing body before ordering.

What if I get drug tested at work?

Check with your workplace to see if peptides are on a banned list. If not, we can supply a duplicate of your prescription to provide to your employer.


Where are your products made?

Our peptides are made by Australian compounding pharmacies that are licensed to compound peptides.

How do I dispose of syringes and needles?

It is extremely important to properly dispose of used syringes and needles. Please do not throw them in the rubbish. Visit your neighbouring pharmacy to purchase a disposable Sharps container. You can dispose the sharps container at a willing pharmacy or contact a proper disposal facility.


Do I need pathology testing?

Although it is not required, pathology is highly encouraged to obtain a baseline of your health status. If you had recent pathology done through your GP it is recommended to send through a copy of your results for our physician reference.

We have pathology testing available for purchase directly from our website. If you log into your account you can review the panel options in more detail.


How do I view the pricing of peptides?

As peptides are a Schedule 4 medication, we cannot advertise the prices of these peptides to the general public. You will need to register online by completing the required medical questionnaire. Once you have registered you can view our full product list, product information, and pricing.


How do I order?

Please click on the How To Order tab to view our simple ordering process.

When do I receive my order?

We strive for delivery between 5-9 business days from the time of ordering.

What if I don’t receive my order?

If you have not received any updates on your order within 5 business days, please contact us directly.

Can I order over the phone?

If you have registered with us online and are having difficulty with making a purchase, you can call us directly at 1300 100 460 and we can process your payment over the phone.

Can I collect my order?

No. Our pharmacy will send your order to your nominated shipping address. Our offices do not stock or store peptides, as they are compounded at the time of script receipt.


What payment options to you have?

We currently take Visa, Mastercard and bank transfer.


Do I receive a copy of my script?

Your script is sent directly from the Doctor to the compounding pharmacist. You don’t require a copy of the script as there are no repeats. However, if you require a duplicate copy for work purposes, please let us know when you order in the “Comments” section, and we will send one to you.

Can I get a copy of my script?

If you require a duplicate copy of your script for work purposes, please let us know when you order in the “Comments” section, and we will send one to you.

Is there a scripting fee?

Our Doctor’s fee is inclusive of the peptide prices. There is no extra cost or hidden costs.

Is my script claimable by Medicare or my private medical insurer?

No. This is a private script with no rebate.


I live in a remote part of Australia

Some post codes for Western Australia, Northern Territory and Some parts of Tasmania, will be 2 days delivery even via express post. Therefore we do not post these items on Thursdays as they will be sitting unrefrigerated over the weekend. We will post these items the following Monday.

I am shipping to a business address

All compounds going to business addresses, need to have the ‘’Name of Business’’ before the recipients name and address.

What does the $20 Flat Rate include?

Your product comes cold packed with your product labelled to you, dosing card information, and syringes for injectable products. Your product will be shipped via Australian Express Post or Toll Priority courier to your delivery address.

Can you Ship Internationally?

No, we can not offer our services or ship internationally. Peptides are classified as a Schedule 4 medication in Australia, which requires a prescription from a licensed and actively registered physician within Australia. We can only offer our services to individuals currently residing within Australia.


How do I inject subcutaneously?

A subcutaneous injection is done with a small insulin size needle. It is a painless injection.  We recommend you view our administration video on How to Inject.

Do I need to swab the area before I inject?

Yes. Before you inject you want to clean both the top of the rubber stopper of the vial before drawing up the product and the area where you are going to inject with alcohol swabs.

What areas can I inject?

The most common areas to inject is the abdominal area between the hip bone and the belly button. The middle outer portion of the thigh, and upper outer portion of the glutes.

Ensure when injecting you are rotating between sides and sites. We recommend either rotating clockwise or counterclockwise around the abdomen. You can also opt to use either thigh or glutes as an alternative if necessary.

What happens if I get lumps and bumps where I injected?

It is not uncommon to experience local irritation where you inject. The lump will resolve on it’s own within a few hours to a few days. If you are concerned at any time, please contact us directly and speak to our medical team.


How do I know how much to dose?

There are 3 stages to ensure you are taking the correct dose.

  1. The Doctor will email your dosing requirements, once he has reviewed and approved your medical information.
  2. You will receive a “Dosing & Administration” card with your order, that will also provide dosing information.
  3. Dosing information will be on the product, just like any other medication.

Can I increase my dose?

The Doctor has reviewed your medical information and dosed accordingly. If you feel that you want to increase your dose, please contact us to arrange a consultation with the Doctor.

If using more than one peptide, can I combine them in the one syringe?

No. Combining different peptides into the one syringe can lead to contaminating the vials of peptides.

How long will my Peptides last?

Purchase and Use of Peptides.

Please note, all compounding pharmacies recommend a 3 month expiry for each peptide (when open) and 6 months (unopened). We do not recommend using peptides past the expiry date.
If purchasing larger peptide orders, please be aware that you may need to increase your dosing (within our Doctor’s dosing guidelines) in order to keep within the peptide expiry timeframe.
Larger peptide orders are recommended for more experienced peptide users.
We can split larger orders, meaning you will receive two vials at a time to ensure your products do not reach expiry before you have finished your course.
If you are wanting to order 4 vials of the same product please speak with one of our customer service representatives and they will organise splitting your order with the pharmacy.
Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.


What if some of my order is missing or incorrect?

Please contact us immediately to discuss and we will rectify any issue.